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Rick Warren, President/CEO

Thank you for taking the time to look at our webpage and try to get to know us a little better. People ask me occassionally how I stay motivated after owning my own business for over 35 years. To answer that, I have to give you a little background.

My wife, Jeanie and I were born and raised in Murfreesboro and graduated from old Central High School. I went to MTSU for a year or so and then to Vietnam as a member of the Marine Corp. Jeanie was attending MTSU. When I returned home from Vietnam, I went to work for a local utility company while trying to convince Jeanie to marry me. She said yes and were were married in 1970. While I was working, Jeanie finished at MTSU and became a teacher at a local Christian school. We were fortunate to be able to save some of our money. In 1975, I was approached by a local established contractor to become a partner in his house building company in Smyrna. I went to Jeanie, who was pregnant with our first child to suggest to her that we use a good portion of our savings to partner up with the builder. I told my wife if you agree to this, you will never have to work outside the home again!

She agreed!

During my time building homes, I built our family home – the home we raised our three children in where Jeanie and I still live today. While it has had the occasional decorating update it is as well-built home as there is. I have the same idea about quality work now as I did then.

After successfully building homes for a few years, I was introduced to the insurance restoration business and in 1977 started R Warren Construction.

We have been doing insurance restoration for over 35 years and haven’t advertised in the media one time – not even in the Yellow Pages. We feel as though the work we do every day, the highly trained and professional people we send into homes throughout Middle Tennessee every day is advertising enough.

Do you think I could ever go home at night and tell my wife we weren’t going to make it, after we used almost all of our savings to go out on our own? After I promised here she could stay home and raise our children. That was and is my motivation to continue to do the work I am proud of.

I hope you and your family never have a problem with water damage, hail, or wind damage. I certainly hope that you never suffer fire damage, mold damage, or any of the multitude of things that befall homeowners at times, but if you do, contact us. We know how to help and we will help.

If you need to talk with me about anything, my cell number is (615) 394-3698. Call anytime and if my wife answers tell her we’re going to be just fine.

Thank you.





Smyrna Office

150 Mitchell Ave
Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-355-0353